Well Child Exam

Your child’s first visit with us may be a well child exam.

  • As we get to know your child, we will
    • schedule immunizations to prevent illness
    • learn about the child’s nutrition—is she a good eater, or does he refuse carrots?
    • safety practices at school and home.
  • We will track your child’s growth and discuss the child’s development.
    • What milestones has the child passed?
    • Is learning at home and school a problem or a joy?
    • How does the child behave socially with other children and with adults?

Please feel free to bring a list of topics to discuss, such as

  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Getting along with other family members
  • Behavior
  • Development

The more you are able to share with us, the more completely we can work together for your child’s health.

Call today to make your child’s appointment with Dr. Nangrani.

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