Reproductive health

Be in charge of your reproductive health

Although many celebrities publicly share info about their fertility or trying for a family, many of us still keep it pretty private. But our reproductive health is our own responsibility. So the more you know, the better decisions you can make about timing when or whether you have children.

Many countries, including the US, make it difficult to have a growing career and a growing family while you are still young. Most new US moms today are over 30 years old, and reproductive health is a big issue. About 12 per cent of American women now seek fertility treatments. Although they are expensive, treatments are becoming a crucial part of healthcare.

Yes, there’s an app for that!

Apps include support networks and meditation platforms to reduce anxiety and stress that affect the ability to conceive. Always cutely named, “Peanut Trying to Conceive,” “Just A Baby” (sperm donor matching), “Expectful,” are a few.

Monitoring your period with “Glow,” a fertility tracking app, is in a verty popular health category in the App Store! Tech can monitor your physiological signals to predict ovulation windows, and Fitbit itself introduced fertility tracking recently.

They make it very easy. Mira makes affordable, lab-grade testing and sells a device that pairs with a smartphone app to accurately measure levels of luteinizing hormone in urine for insight into fertility. When you hope to use an app only until you are pregnant, a few months at most, you want the app to be easy to use!

Thinking about a family?

Natalist can send you a monthly delivery box with conception essentials. And New Hope Fertility helps you privately prepare for egg-retrieval. Modern Fertility sells finger-prick tests to gauge reproductive hormones. So instead of thinking of fertility only when trying for a family or facing a reproductive issue, you can be as proactive about reproductive health as other areas of your wellbeing. Modern Fertility wants younger women to be in the know.

Men’s reproductive health

Of course, the other side of trying for a family includes men’s sperm health. At home sperm health tests from YO, SpermCheck, and Trak can help decision-making.

Addressing infertility and IVF (in vitro fertilization)

New boutique medical clinics may specialize in treating infertility, wooing patients with champagne lunches and flowers. Some trendy clinics even work into women’s career plans by freezing healthy eggs while the hopeful mom-to-be is young. Then she can plan their family around her schedule. But IVF is very expensive in the US, especially if the first round doesn’t take.

Of course, this is an opportunity for yet another financing service. It includes fertility testing, medical expertise, and a concierge to handle medical appointments. Combined with a monthly payment subscription and a Grandbaby Plan for future grandparents to take a loan on behalf of prospective parents.

Every aspect of life creates opportunities!

Source – Global Wellness Trends

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