Stay at home poster from Kashmir

Stay at home poster from Kashmir

quarantine poster

Before vaccines, quarantine notices were tacked to your door.

maintain social distancing

Social distancing reinforces your mask’s protection

Zoom logo for social distance meetings

From schools to churches to board meetings, do it online!

Distancing in a Pandemic

“Stay-at-home orders,” “Quarantining,” “Social Distancing.” If you can quarantine at home, and practice social distancing, you are lucky. Using pandemic distancing, you can protect yourself against getting the virus. With good self-care, you can be measurably safer than if you are careless.

Stay at home orders

That’s just what they are. Some local and state governments recommend that you stay at home…away from school, work, church, and crowds…to keep you from being infected.
Even if your government doesn’t tell you to stay home, it’s a great way to stay safe. Don’t wait for the government to impose it on you; embrace it! It’s your health to preserve.


Pandemic distancing by quarantine can be even stricter than a stay at home order. Don’t visit your elderly relatives, either in their homes or care facilities. Stay away from children. If you think you might have been exposed, stay home for a couple of weeks to wait out the asymptomatic incubation period. That way, you avoid passing the virus to more vulnerable people while you practice self-care.

Social distancing

Social distancing, pandemic distancing, whatever you call it, can help keep you safe. Mask up and don’t breathe on anyone (or sneeze or sing at them) to limit the spread of your own saliva and help protect yourself against other people’s saliva. Add a six-foot distance between you and the next person to reinforce that protection. As a result, you will stay safer and help keep those around you safer.

If  you can’t stay at home or quarantine

You are on the front lines of helping during the Pandemic: you work in healthcare, or at a grocery store, or need to be at your job no matter what. Wear your protective mask and gloves, as much as possible. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water frequently, especially if you must touch others or things other people have touched.

How can I socialize with my friends?

From book clubs to knitting circles to board meetings to church services, many activities have moved “online.” This is a great strategy for social distancing, plus the commute takes you only into the other room at home! Schools from elementary to music lessons to college are all figuring out how to get good results without being in the same room. Teachers and learners alike are adapting to a new way of working. These challenging times will stress your creativity resources! Be sure to ask for all the help you need. Pandemic distancing will be with us until everyone gets the vaccine that scientists are now developing! Stay safe!

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