Well man exam

Well Man Exam

Men’s health care always includes an annual well man exam.

  • We will discuss your lifestyle
    • your diet
    • exercise
    • weight
    • whether or not you smoke
    • if you use contraception
    • your family medical history
  • You will have a physical examination.
    • Basic checks include
      • your blood pressure
      • pulse rate
      • height
      • weight
      • BMI
      • lipid blood test
    • urinalysis to check for basic abnormalities
    • a cholesterol blood test
    • a prostate antigen (PSA) blood test
    • vision and hearing checks
    • a diabetes blood test
    • a testicular examination
  • Other screenings may include
    • an HIV test (once during adulthood before age 64)
    • a hepatitis C test once during adulthood
    • a colon cancer screening
  • Are your immunizations up to date?
    • You need a flu vaccine every year
    • a tetanus-diphtheria every 10 years
    • the shingles vaccine once after age 60
    • the pneumococcal vaccine once after age 65

We will together discuss lifestyle advice and make a personalized action plan.

Your good health and vitality are important to your family’s well-being. We will help keep you healthy and strong.

Call 281-298-5476 now to make your well man exam at Woodlands Functional Family Medicine.

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