J-wellness future

Japan’s comprehensive culture of wellness*

Japan’s culture of wellness—J-wellness—combines innovative technologies and revered traditions. In fact, in the J-wellness future, half of the Japanese citizens born in 2007 will live to 107. Then, they will join the 100-year Life Society. So what can we learn from Japan’s leadership?

How many wellness strategies have you heard of?

As you think about your life, consider these J-wellness strategies:

  • Ikigai: stop rushing—so move with purpose, at a measured pace
  • Kintsugi: the art of repairing broken pottery with beauty
  • Wabi-sabi: embrace imperfection and transience
  • Marie Kondo: de-clutter your life—consider your possessions’ spiritual value
  • Shinrin-Yoku: forest bathing, in other words, spending time in nature
  • Incense-listening: a game of identifying incense aromas

Find these references in the Global Wellness Summit link below.

As a result, all these practices can contribute to your wellness.

J-wellness future strategies

The Global Wellness Summit mentioned three innovations for wellness.

1. Japan’s Iki-iki Plazas

Better health comes with high social capital, like trust between neighbors. Iki-iki Plazas strengthen people’s mutual trust. Their neighborhood facilities provide intergenerational mingling, recreation, and learning. As a result, these positive aspects contribute to well-being. At the same time, they improve people’s positivity, stability of mood, self-acceptance, and life satisfaction. The Japanese government is helping Iki-iki Plazas to spread nationwide.

2. Mental health is as important as physical health

Japanese companies of 50 or more do a mandatory annual stress assessment. Stress Check focuses on the prevention of mental disorders. Also, they design improved psychosocial work environments. Other countries’ national health systems should also embrace well-being.

3. The 100-year Life Society

Japan believes in leaving no one behind. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe formed the Council for Designing the 100-year Life Society. The Society recommends two improvements:

  • a significant increase in pay for long-term nursing care workers
  • a drastic expansion of recurrent education to enable multistage lives

Also, social robots relieve part of the stress on long-term nursing care workers! These provide psychological support, with artificial intelligence features. They reduce anxiety and depression. Social robots (think robot pets!) calm dementia patients so they don’t wander off.

J-wellness future with technology

Long-term reliability is key. With this in mind, try to focus on anti-aging and science-based, simple beauty regimes.

  • Daily morning and evening bathing
  • Double cleansing with hydration and prep, a serum, and a moisturizer
  • Weekly facial mask
  • Emphasize natural, functional, non-toxic, and sustainable ingredients

One company, Future Skin (Fine Fiber Technology), offers a nighttime membrane or second skin. While this film protects against dryness, it peels off in the morning. And the Optune system’s iPhone app analyzes your skin’s health. Then it prepares and dispenses serum and moisturizer customized to your skin!

Forest bathing and hot springs bathing

Connect all five senses to nature for enormous health benefits. In the first place, nature helps reduce blood pressure and lowers stress. It also improves your cardiovascular and metabolic health and lowers your blood sugar levels. As a result, it improves your concentration, memory, and energy. Dr. Qing Li of the Forest Therapy Society says that we spend 93 percent of our time indoors. So we develop a nature-deficit disorder! Get out there!

Besides the forest, J-wellness future includes actual hot-spring bathing (onsens). The onsen offers the medicinal benefits of dissolved minerals. A higher body temperature improves circulation. The onsen water pressure also improves your blood- and lymph flow. Because your buoyancy in the hot water allows your muscles and joints to rest, it lessens tension. The result? Luxurious feeling and healing!

J-wellness future at Woodlands Functional Family Medicine

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Forest Therapy Society

*Global Wellness Summit: J-wellness

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