How to stay hydrated in this heat

Hydration: Drink before you’re feeling thirsty

Hydration is key! It is essential to realize that when you notice signs of dehydration, feeling thirsty, a dry mouth, headache, and feeling fatigued, then you are already behind in fluid replacement. Dehydration is a primary contributor to heat exhaustion. As a rule of thumb drink a large glass of water when you get up in the morning before you do anything else!

  • Your work performance may suffer when you are dehydrated, even if you don’t notice
  • When working in the heat, drink 1 cup (8 ounces) of water every 15–20 minutes
  • This translates to ¾–1 quart (24–32 ounces) per hour
  • Drinking at shorter intervals is more effective than drinking large amounts infrequently
  • Drinks with electrolytes help if you find that you cannot replenish the fluids lost
  • Do not drink more than 48 oz (1½ quarts) per hour. Drinking too much water or other fluids like sports drinks or energy drinks can cause a medical emergency because the concentration of salt in the blood becomes too low
  • Freeze drinks and give ice blocks to your kiddos for extra hydration

Drink little and often to avoid dehydration

Hydrate After Work

  • Most people need several hours to drink enough fluids to replace what they have lost through sweat. The sooner you get started, the less strain you place on your body from dehydration
  • Hydrating after work is even more critical if you work in the heat on a regular basis. Chronic dehydration increases the risk for a number of medical conditions, such as kidney stones
  • If you drink water on an empty stomach then you absorb it more quickly

Let’s Talk Minerals

  • Make sure that the water you are drinking is not stripped of minerals. Minerals like salt help your body absorb the water you are drinking, rather than just flushing it out. Minerals are the key to hydration. A pinch of salt or mineral tabs can help replenish your drinking water’s minerals.

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