Covid fatigue

Covid Fatigue

Covid fatigue anticipation is stressful, especially when Covid-19 case numbers soar and we just want to get back to our lives. Add into it the welcome stress of family Thanksgiving and Christmas and other end of the year get-togethers. Invisible threats like Covid are even harder to protect yourself from than wild animals at the door. Or are they? Covid fatigue tells you the threat of illness doesn’t exist, because you can’t see it. But waiting it out is the best you can do for yourself and your family.

Plan a novel kind of get-together, physically distanced, masked, or on Zoom. Approach the season with a lot of vigorous creativity. Lessen your exposure! Don’t get sloppy!

The distribution of Covid vaccines will not magically treat everyone at once; there will be a deliberate rollout, most likely beginning with our wonderful front-line workers.

How to fight Covid fatigue

 1. Take care of your medical needs

Be sure to keep up with your annual physical, dental, and vision appointments. If you need a conversation with the doctor, find out if you can do a televisit. Dr. Nangrani will happily speak to you over a televisit. Medical practices are very careful about guarding against Covid spread. If you have doubts, ask!

2. Take time for your mental health

Constant stress is not good for anyone, so if you can find activities that help you maintain serenity, do them! Though you may think of Zoom in terms of meetings, many places of worship are meeting online. In addition, book clubs are very well suited to meeting online. My Stitch in Time group meets to chat on Zoom weekly when we can’t meet by physically distancing at a local park. Don’t rush into face-to-face, especially if your health is compromised. Keep your meetups online when you can!

3. Fight Covid fatigue with a walk or a bike ride or other physical exercise

Keeping your body moving also helps to allay stress. It also feels good, when your body produces endorphins! Do Tai Chi or Yoga at a park. Play action games with the kiddos outdoors. Walk the long way around when you go to the grocery store. Every movement helps calm your body’s constant Covid fatigue stress while you wait for a vaccine.

4. Take a deep breath and practice mindfulness

Watch action movies, but be sure to balance them with more thoughtful and heartwarming videos. Your body will reflect the tension you see in the movie! It’s a natural response that you can be aware of and actively counteract.

Remember that Dr. Nangrani and Woodlands Functional Family Medicine are here for you! Call for a televisit or other consultation at 281-298-5476.

Woodlands Functional Family Medicine is minutes from I-45 (Houston’s North Freeway) in The Woodlands, Texas. We look forward to helping you successfully wait out the Covid fatigue and emerge into a healthy new year!

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