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The old advertising trying to appeal to seniors 60+ never imagined boomer life as we know it now! Norman Rockwell depicted Grandma as a slightly chubby, grey-haired homebody. Of course, some of us over 60 may be that, but more and more advertising also sees us as active, vibrant, and more engaged than ever.

Legacy brands are realizing that this baby boomer generation is not the feeble “can’t get up” demographic but the “get up and go” crowd! We are living longer, and we value health, wellness, and nutrition.

Boomer life is connected to life

Remember the old joke about getting your 12-year-old grandson to help you on the computer? Fewer and fewer Boomers struggle with tech or only spend their days golfing. A recent survey shows that Boomers spend nearly five hours a day on smartphones. They also spend more shopping online than millennials! Boomers control the highest percentage of disposable income in the US and Japan.

No single profile

Big companies can show that they see the diversity of Boomers and boomer life. From fitness and food, tech and beauty, travel and transportation, more companies incorporate senior feedback and thoughtfully offer aesthetic, practical, and respectful products. For example, Shiseido offers PRIOR, a brand catering solely to mature women, and packaged with simple instructions in larger print. And Willow sells incontinence underwear that is functional and sleek.

Tech for the boomer life

Adult health concerns, a wide-open niche as aging provides opportunities for improvement, inspire practical help. You can now improve your cognitive function with virtual reality games, monitor your health with home diagnostic kits, and use robotic assistants (think Google, Alexa, Siri) to stave off loneliness.

Not so different

Both Millennials and Baby Boomers adopt healthy lifestyle habits, and boomers surpass other generations choosing nutritious foods. Boomer life may include a Peloton exercise system or membership in a gym, the fastest growing membership group with the highest rate of frequent attendance. We’re getting older and want a better quality of life.

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